Owlin launches end-to-end KYC solution for payment service providers

AI platform Owlin has announced the launch of Owlin for KYC, offering Payment Service Providers (PSPs) a single solution for onboarding, monitoring, and offboarding merchants.

With this new solution, the company aims to help PSPs in meeting regulatory requirements and dealing with the insecurities that come from current economic developments.

Owlin for KYC enables PSPs to screen their merchants against multiple data sources, including Adverse Media, Sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons, and Customer Reviews.

The latest offering is expected to enhance KYC processes, particularly when PSPs manually screen merchants against different data sources to check for risk within their portfolio.

The KYC solution supports seamless transition from the onboarding phase to continuous monitoring, with all data associated with the onboarding and monitoring steps being retained and available as an end-to-end audit trail.

Sarah Lane, Chief Commercial Officer at Owlin, said, “From conversations with our existing PSP clients and prospect base, we learned their challenges with meeting new regulatory requirements. In the past couple of months, we’ve immersed ourselves in the existing onboarding and compliance workflows to design our PSP offering from the ground up to meet the requirements for the future.”

“As such, we are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our end-to-end KYC solution for PSPs, which is in direct response to our customers’ desire to combine Owlin’s world-class adverse media monitoring with onboarding and auditability support. We can now offer our clients a single solution to meet their operational onboarding and monitoring needs, supported by a robust framework to satisfy their regulatory requirements.”

Owlin is an AI-driven platform that helps firms structure news and integrate risk and market insights that may affect a business into daily workflows. It applies Natural Language Processing to provide valuable insights hidden in the data and provide critical insights proactively, continuously, and in real-time.