Apiture Launches Data Direct to Provide Real-Time Access to Digital Banking Data

Apiture announced an addition to its Data Intelligence solution, Data Direct. The new offering provides banks and credit unions with real-time access to a robust library of data points generated between their institution and the Apiture Digital Banking Platform.

Data Direct captures online and mobile banking activities to help financial institutions better understand users’ habits and preferences. Powered by Snowflake and other advanced data analytics tools, Data Direct can be used by financial institutions’ in-house engineering teams or their technology partners to build data pipelines, run automations, create reports, and more. Banks and credit unions can support a wide range of use cases, including:

Enabling in-house analysts to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities by supplementing the data received from their institution’s core, bill payment provider, and other third parties

Updating CRM platforms to support a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the customer, helping institutions to deliver more personalized service

Providing data to third-party partners, such as fraud prevention and detection partners that can use data to identify suspicious activity

Consolidating data from multiple providers into a central, in-house data store

“In today’s digital economy, an effective data strategy is a critical component of financial institutions’ digital transformation efforts,” said Chris Babcock, CEO of Apiture. “We are excited to empower our clients with comprehensive, real-time data that will help them better understand and serve their digital banking users.”

In 2022, Apiture announced the launch of Data Engage, the first product available as part of the Apiture Data Intelligence solution. This toolset enables financial institutions to easily evaluate engagement with the Apiture Digital Banking Platform and target defined audiences with pop-up messages – such as marketing notices, tips, and tutorials, including video – to educate and drive adoption of specific features.