NYMBUS Partners with NYDIG to offer Bitcoin Banking

NYMBUS®, a leading provider of banking technology solutions, announced it has partnered with NYDIG to help financial institutions quickly expand their digital capabilities by offering Bitcoin products and services to customers.

According to a new NYDIG consumer survey, more than 22 percent of U.S. adults over the age of 18 own Bitcoin today. Its increasingly widespread adoption represents a massive opportunity for banks and credit unions to engage and support this digital-savvy audience, however most institutions do not have the technology infrastructure or regulatory expertise to innovate quickly enough.

Nymbus is leveling the playing field by enabling financial institutions of any size to deliver Bitcoin solutions as part of its integrated suite of banking technology. The offering will be powered by NYDIG’s Bitcoin platform and will deliver a frictionless client experience that meets the highest regulatory, audit and governance standards. The partnership can help more banks and credit unions support consumers’ evolving digital banking needs.

“The new era for financial institutions is about leveraging digital to drive revenue and profitability, and it is a myth that challengers own this space,” said Jeffery Kendall, CEO of Nymbus. “With the right tools, processes and technology partners, there is nothing preventing traditional banks and credit unions from achieving next-generation growth. We’re proud to work in partnership with NYDIG to deliver Bitcoin to banks and credit unions, and to deliver impactful innovation that is achievable at a pace previously unseen by the traditional institution.”

“As a notable advocate for financial institutions, Nymbus stood out as a partner to take our vision for Bitcoin and banking to the next level,” said Patrick Sells, Head of Bank Solutions at NYDIG. “As a former banker and technology evangelist, I couldn’t be more excited to bring Bitcoin and banking together, and I see it as a win/win. Consumers win by gaining the ability to custody Bitcoin through their trusted financial partner, and the financial institution is able to earn meaningful non-interest income. We look forward to working with Nymbus and their customers to usher in a new age of banking.”