Mashreq & Al Etihad Payments team to launch Aani Instant Payment Services

Mashreq, a financial institutions in MENA, has joined forces with Al Etihad Payments to introduce Aani Instant Payment Services on the Mashreq App. The latest service reshapes the payment ecosystem across the board from individual consumers to luxury outlets, everyday merchants, and beyond.

The initiative is endorsed by the Central Bank of the UAE, reinforcing its position as a trusted and reliable payment solution. The launch of “Aani Instant Payment Services” is set to further transform the payment experiences, ensuring both residents and visitors enjoy unparalleled financial convenience.

Kartik Taneja, Head of Payments and Consumer Lending at Mashreq said, “Embracing our roots in Mashreq’s legacy of innovation, the incorporation of ‘Aani Instant Payment Services’ cements our position at the forefront of the digital payment eco-system. In unison with Al Etihad Payments, we are redrawing the boundaries of transactional convenience. This venture not only underscores our unwavering commitment to a seamless financial future but also reinforces our promise of delivering transformative payment solutions. As we align with Aani, we embark on an exciting journey to redefine payment experiences.”

Key features of “Aani Instant Payment Services” include:

  • Instant Real Time Payments: Customers can enjoy near-instantaneous payment transfers, ensuring that their financial transactions are completed swiftly and securely
    24/7 Accessibility: Ensuring customers and merchants can transact anytime.
  • Flexibility: Customers can make payments using a contact’s phone number, email address, or even their IBAN
  • Advanced Features: Incorporates options such as Send Money, Request Money, Split Bill, and QR-based payments
  • Merchant payments: Merchants receive near-instant credits in their bank accounts for transactions made by customers at store locations
  • Jan Pilbauer, CEO of Al Etihad Payments, said, “We are delighted to introduce Aani, a new payments platform built together with the UAE’s financial industry as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our work with Mashreq and NEOPAY, as one of our key stakeholders, is reshaping the paradigm of digital payments in the UAE. Aani’s friction-free user experience is strengthened by efficiency and security.”