BANKIT joins LIC & SBI to expand Insurance Services to Rural India

BANKIT, an India-based FinTech, has signed a corporate agency partnership with LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) and SBI General Insurance.

This landmark collaboration is poised to revolutionise the way insurance services are delivered in the remotest corners of the country. BANKIT’s partnership with LIC and SBI General Insurance comes with two facets.

Firstly, it will directly impact the income streams for BANKIT agents. Agents will now offer their customers a wide range of insurance services, including life insurance and general insurance policies. This diversification of services will increase the income of agents and empower them to become comprehensive financial service providers in their communities.

Secondly, millions of people in rural and unbanked areas have long been deprived of convenient access to insurance services. This collaboration will bridge that gap by bringing essential insurance coverage to their doorstep.

“We are confident that our collaboration with LIC and SBI General Insurance will be a game-changer in the FinTech and insurance sectors,” said Amit Nigam, Executive Director & COOHe further added, “By combining our extensive agent network with the trusted brand names of LIC and SBI General Insurance, we are not only increasing financial inclusion but also improving the quality of life for countless individuals. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to empower the underserved and transform rural India into a financially resilient and prosperous community”.

Through a vast network of BANKIT Agents, these entrepreneurs have offered essential digital banking, financial, and payment services to previously underserved populations.

BANKIT is an assisted B2B2C startup company that seeks to help citizens experience the easiest, fastest, and safest digital payment platform. BANKIT provides instant and hassle-free service delivery for banking and financial services like domestic money transfers, AePS and MiniATM cash withdrawals and prepaid cards, insurance, recharges, bill payments, and travel and stay bookings.