Masabi, Mastercard and UniCredit deliver mobile transport ticketing to Bucharest

Payments company Masabi has launched mobile ticketing for public transport in Bucharest in collaboration with Mastercard and UniCredit Bank.

The app BPay enables cashless travel on Societatea de Transport Bucuresti (STB) services across the Romanian capital city. It is now available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Additionally, customers can use the app on Urban, Express, Regional and City Bus Tour routes with daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly tickets available. Gabriela Firea, the General Mayor of Bucharest, said: “We started, a few years ago, a plan for Bucharest to become a Smart City and this new, modern paying instrument for the public transport is part of it.

“Our goal is to offer to all the people who travel in Bucharest innovative technology that provides operational benefits as well as simplifying the transport experience for our passengers. This is what we do by using Masabi’s Justride technology, which has been deployment-proven in cities across the world.”

A technology-first city

Andrei George Creci, General Manager of STB, said: “With the launch of BPay, traveling in Bucharest has never been so easy. Masabi’s Justride technology has been deployment-proven in cities across the world, and offers innovative technology that provides operational benefits as well as simplifying the transport experience for our passengers.”

Masabi’s Justride, mobile ticketing platform, is on target to exceed $1bn annual transport ticketing sales over the coming year.

As part of the new deployment, Justride will use Mastercard Payment Gateway Services to enable safe and secure in-app digital payments. Acquiring bank services are being supplied by UniCredit Bank.

Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi, said: “Across the globe Masabi continues to set the pace for deployments and innovation in transport fare payments. The addition of Bucharest to the Justride family marks yet another capital city adopting the technology to make access to public transport quick and easy for both everyday commuters and tourists.”

Matt Blanks, Head of Global Transit, Mastercard, said: “This latest deployment with Masabi in Bucharest marks yet another milestone in our long-standing partnership and shared commitment to remove the barriers that slow cities down.

“By combining our expertise and resources, we can address the challenges cities and transit agencies face, enabling them to deploy quick and simple solutions that improve the daily lives of the communities that they serve.”