Mambu and Mia-FinTech partner to accelerate digital finance solutions

Mia-FinTech, the start-up enabling banking and financial institutions to evolve towards open finance, has announced its partnership with the cloud banking platform Mambu.

The aim is to accelerate the delivery of digital financial products and services by combining Mambu’s SaaS, API-driven technology for banking and financial services with Mia-FinTech’s open and modular platform and accelerators.

Mia-Fintech acts as a system integrator, providing an orchestration layer to connect with various partners in Italy and driving the adoption of Mambu’s cloud banking platform.

The composable approach to banking that Mia-FinTech and Mambu provide ensures that joint customers don’t outgrow tech stacks and can seamlessly build the digital solutions that customers demand.

With Mambu’s expertise in system integration, cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes management, and Mia-FinTech’s core banking engine, the companies are teaming up to accelerate change in the financial sector in Italy.

Victor Indiano, Regional Manager, Southern Europe at Mambu said, “To be competitive in today’s market and to generate value and revenue for stakeholders, companies need to be flexible and responsive to change. While, on the one hand, digital transformation has enabled the creation of increasingly advanced, resilient, and adaptable software architectures and IT services, it is important for businesses to acquire the tools, including methodological skills, to take advantage of these capabilities.”

The system design principle provides software components that can be reused and assembled in various combinations to meet specific user requirements.

“We strongly believe that collaboration is key to success, and this is especially true in the financial world. Banking and financial institutions are more and more relying on cooperation with multiple partners to drastically reduce delivery costs and time to market for new digital products. Thanks to the composable approach fostered by Mia-FinTech and Mambu, our customers can accelerate digital transformations and create new digital solutions,” said Bruno Natoli, CEO of Mia-FinTech.