Insurtech Zensung Partners ERGO and Munich Re to Roll Out Its Green Insurance Policy

Zensung announced a partnership with insurance firms ERGO and Munich Re to launch green insurance policy ‘Parrot Safe Driver’.

Using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based proprietary platform, delivered through Zensung’s ‘Parrot’ mobile app, they said that this policy makes buying and monitoring car insurance simpler, greener and fairer.

Through the app, users can purchase a policy, make a claim, and receive safe driving rebates using their smartphone.

The Parrot app also allows policyholders to monitor their trips and compensate for the CO2 emissions caused. It uses the globally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) to calculate emissions.

In addition, Parrot offers its policyholders the choice to become CO2-neutral by buying carbon credits straight from the app.

Zensung said that it takes a “holistic view of its environmental stewardship, and firmly believes that improving driving behaviour, coupled with an awareness of one’s carbon footprint, will go a long way towards reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions”.

Parrot’s scientific reward mechanism for safe driving aims to enable a permanent and positive change in its user’s driving habits, contributing towards reducing the number of accidents and making roads safer for the entire community