Donation agreement between Credit Suisse Asset Management and ETH Zurich professorship in the field of robotics

Credit Suisse Asset Management has made a donation to ETH Zurich in the field of robotics. The partnership will strengthen the mutual dialogue between academia and the financial industry.

Credit Suisse Asset Management is entering a strategic partnership with one of the world’s top-tier universities to support an additional professorship in the field of robotics, a thriving field of global impact. The Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS), a core competency of robotics at ETH Zurich, currently consists of eight independent laboratories that conduct research in areas ranging from nano devices for biomedicine to systems for rehabilitation and autonomous aerial vehicles, and which serves as a bundling contact for the partnership with Credit Suisse Asset Management.

The partnership with ETH Zurich includes a donation of seven million Swiss francs over a ten-year period enabling the university to set up a professorship and further expand its competences in world-class robotics and beyond.

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