Vaultavo Introduces Biometric Smart Card Based Crypto Custody Solution

Vaultavo has developed a patent-pending crypto custody solution to address the security requirements of the institutional market and its clients.

The Vaultavo Custody Solution combines the world’s first biometric digital asset custody smart card with state-of-the-art proprietary vaults and secure SaaS digital platform and access portals, to create a solution that reinvents custody as we know it today.

The integrated hardware and software solution protects digital assets by creating and managing the Blockchain private key on the bank grade secure Vaultavo Card – a decentralized approach to security which mirrors cryptocurrencies, Web3 and DeFi and differs from competitive solutions that have attempted to provide security in a centralized manner.

The secure element in the Vaultavo Card, the foundation of the solution, boasts EAL7 security certification, making it safer than most, if not all, other custody solutions. The Vaultavo Card is the same size and thickness as a bank card, has a built-in biometric reader, an E Ink display, rechargeable battery and Bluetooth, NFC and USBC connectivity capabilities.

The patent-pending technology was developed to address one of the critical roadblocks to crypto’s expansion – the vulnerability of online trading, transacting and protection of digital assets. The size and scope of the problem is monumental; according to blockchain data provider Chainalysis, illicit transaction volume rose for the second consecutive year in 2022, hitting an all-time high of $20.1 billion.

“Unlike other providers who have to trade off accessibility for security, the Vaultavo Custody Solution is designed to address all the challenges of crypto custody,” said Philip Meyer, CEO, Vaultavo. “Ours is the only solution that guarantees the highest grade of security while allowing for the easiest level of accessibility and use. It has the potential to make using digital currencies as commonplace as debit cards for institutions and their clients, thereby increasing participation in the new digital economy. This solution will go a long way to ensure that the long tail of crypto again starts trusting the industry.”