Mauritius Commercial Bank launches Backbase-built SME banking platform and mobile app

Backbase announces that Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) has gone live with a brand new mobile app for SMEs built from the ground up on the Backbase Digital-first Banking Platform. This milestone marks the completion of the first phase of MCB and Backbase collaboration. Together with Backbase, the bank is accelerating the path towards digital transformation in order to enhance the customer experience by providing its clients with tailored services that they can access with ease, wherever they are.

Mauritius Commercial Bank’s transformation to digital-first enabled the bank to shorten the time to develop new products and reduce time to market. This agility and flexibility put MCB in the position to meet the changing demands of its customers, stay ahead of competition and quickly adjust to changes in the regulatory landscape or any future market shifts. To do so, MCB set out on a digital transformation journey together with Backbase to modernize and unify it’s architecture while extending its agile delivery capability at the same time. The introduction of the Backbase platform put MCB in complete control of the customer journey, across all touch-points and for every line of business.

The clear starting point was a mobile platform for SMEs. This will cater to growing customer demand, provide a smoother and bespoke banking experience, and then be replicated across all business lines using the Backbase Omni-channel banking platform. This will give MCB an immediate advantage in the SME banking market.

Shortly after launch the feedback from SME customers has been positive with an impressive usage rate of 85% and users signing in on average 14 times a month.