Alkami and Plaid unveil groundbreaking API partnership for enhanced digital banking

Alkami Technology, a provider of cloud-based digital banking solutions in the U.S., has forged a significant partnership with Plaid, a global data network integral to over 8,000 financial apps and services.

The partnership aims to offer Alkami’s clients, primarily financial institutions, direct access to Plaid’s services through the Financial Data Exchange Aligned (FDX) API Core Exchange. This initiative represents a first-of-its-kind collaboration for Alkami, positioning them as the first major platform to fully integrate with Plaid’s FDX aligned API, Core Exchange.

Alkami Technology, a leading name in digital banking solutions, focuses on providing cloud-based platforms for U.S. financial institutions, enhancing retail and business banking, digital account opening, and data analytics.

This partnership is a significant step towards standardizing secure data sharing in the financial sector. It enables a seamless, secure, and efficient data-sharing experience, vital for institutions to stay competitive in an evolving digital banking landscape. The integration with Plaid’s Core Exchange API opens doors to a range of innovative financial services for Alkami’s clients.

“The standardization of secure data sharing is integral as we move towards an open finance future. It’s great to see that more than 200 institutions will benefit from this integration via the FDX aligned, Core Exchange API from Plaid.” FDX Managing Director Don Cardinal commented.