Vision 2030 enables Saudi Arabia’s public sector to drive digital Transformation

Riyadh to host Government DX Summit on 5-6 November 2019.

Digital transformation (DX) will remain a prime objective for the public sector with the entrants of new technologies steering away legacy systems providing value potentials, ease, convenience and improved methods to effectively deal with citizens providing them convenience and transparency of government services.

Government DX Summit is Saudi Arabia’s most diverse digital transformation conference taking place on 5 – 6 November 2019 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The summit emphasizes on driving digital initiatives to achieve Vision 2030 and beyond. It addresses the significance of the Vision’s theme focusing on achieving government operational excellence as a pillar to drive digital transformation. It is set to host some of the most influential government tech and strategic thought leaders, investors and entrepreneurs addressing the digital journey and how achieving operational excellence in the public sector matters to citizen’s satisfaction and economic prosperity.

Under the leadership of the Saudi Government, Vision 2030 was created to fulfil a roadmap for economic growth and national development. Dr. Adnan Mustafa AlBar, Vice Chairman of the Jeddah Municipality City Council mentions: “With the leadership of the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman who has a clear vision and is driving the whole country’s transformation, the Saudi Vision 2030 has effectively open doors to the world promoting the Kingdom as the next big digital powerhouse not just in the Arab and Islamic world, but it has become a global digital identity.”

Speaking about the conference Dr. Adnan Mustafa AlBar said: “The Government DX Summit is a key event to attend where you will learn and discuss with local and international experts in Government Digital Transformation and how Saudi Arabia is effectively achieving the vision and the NTP plan.”

Dr. Fatmah Baothman, Doctor of Artificial Intelligence with King Abdulaziz University from the College of Computing and Information Technology highlights: “The adoption of artificial intelligence will bring massive reforms to Saudi Arabia’s digital journey to achieve Vision 2030. Over 82% of Saudi businesses will have AI deployed by 2020. We have seen a paradigm shift in the acceptance of AI and RPA since 2017 where over 94% of Saudi businesses did not favour its adoption to the current analysis forecasted for 2020 showing 82% are favouring the adoption of AI and RPA with 95% intending to embrace AI implementation until 2025.

AI is no longer a doubt instead it is now the new norm of urgency to embrace it. By 2030, AI will contribute over US$ 320 Billion to the Middle East’s GDP with Saudi Arabia to gain over US$ 48 Billion from AI. The public sector will be one of the major achievers with AI adoption and its strategy. The Government DX Summit is the ideal platform to know more about Saudi Arabia’s role in transforming into an AI-powered society.

There is a global responsibility to develop an AI model for improving the world. We need to define the mission for all humans supported by a vision of technology. This must attend summit will highlight key factors about achieving the Vision 2030 to drive digital transformation across the Kingdom.”

Bringing his experience to the conference’s speaker roster, Eng. Mohammed Mahnashi, Information Technology Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saudi Arabia mentions: “By 2021, the global DX investments are forecasted to reach US$ 5.9 trillion where Saudi Arabia is ambitiously working along the adoption of the National Transformation Program to execute Vision 2030 creating new digital technology investment opportunities.

I will be speaking at the Government DX Summit and we will provide a holistic view of the digital technologies that Saudi Arabia will reap benefits from and what are to be invested in the country to prosper into an ironic digital economy. I urge professionals from across the world not to miss this high-profile must attend conference.”

Saudi Arabia vows to revolutionize their financial systems by using Blockchain to integrate the system across the government entities as per the Vision 2030. “With the Vision 2030 as our key adoption to prosper Saudi Arabia as a rich digital economy in the world, the implementation of a Blockchain strategy is key to ensure an efficient financial services culture across all industries in the Kingdom. Representing the healthcare sector, the adoption of blockchain in the health industry globally is expected to hit US$ 5.61 billion by 2025.

Saudi Arabia’s healthcare industry will reap massive benefits with blockchain. Saudi Arabia is committed to establish a Blockchain Laboratory by 2020 to bring new ideas and solutions to develop and enhance government procedural services which leads to improving citizen services with blockchain technology. At the conference, we will be discussing about creating a blockchain laboratory and how that will benefit Saudi Arabia in its digital transformation journey.” Dr. Mustafa Hasan Qurban, Chief Information Officer at the King Fahd Military Medical Complex (KFMMC) shares his views about the industry and the conference.

The summit aspires to bring together over 300 global dignitaries and decision makers to discuss the latest generation of government and smart cities. The conference is an international platform for organizations to discuss and share the new era of organizational transformation, new governance policy and trends by providing strategic understanding initiatives for organizational leadership and operational excellence.

The summit hosts a group of world class speakers representing Ministry of Education, Ministry of Civil Service, General Authority for Statistics, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology – Egypt, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications – Estonia, Information & eGovernment Authority – Bahrain, Cabinet Office – Government Digital Service – United Kingdom, Secretary State for Justice – Portugal, MonshaatSA, Capital Market Authority, National Housing Company, King Saud University, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology and others, bringing diversity and a domain inclusive roster addressing futuristic technologies in government.

Commenting on the occasion, Fahd Ali the Director of the Government DX Summit said: ”This summit enables our efforts in providing government entities, enterprises, entrepreneurs and start-ups with a platform to explore endless opportunities and draw inspiration from the several success stories from all over the world, and hence further positioning Saudi Arabia as a world-class innovation hub. We are exceptionally electrified with the response from the public and private sector that recognizes the event as their home to declare their successes and the way forward to deal with digital transformation”.

From simplifying and automating across government operations; and revolutionizing IT and embracing agile ways of working, the Government DX Summit explores these opportunities and more with over 40+ visionary speakers, visionary keynotes, fireside chats, a cyber tech panel, international case studies, and a host of unique features across the event.

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