Ortec Finance makes an important contribution to Prospery, a new digital asset manager in Germany

ABN Amro launched Prospery last week, a new asset manager in Germany. Ortec Finance supplies the computing engine behind this system with OPAL. OPAL is a goal-based financial planning system that provides insight into the risk and return of investment decisions, and that is also used for cash flow analyzes and to determine the feasibility of financial targets of clients.

Prospery is the first wealth manager in Europe to work fully online. The system adds digital asset management with personal advice from certified experts. Prospery is able to give customers an overview of their full assets now and in the future, can actively manage investments and also provides personal coaching via chat or video call.

Goal-based financial planning
Ortec Finance has been contacted to support Prospery with OPAL. This financial planning tool uses what-if scenarios to show how feasible financial goals are in different market developments. The impact of investment decisions and changes in the financial situation of a customer is also clear to OPAL. This makes OPAL ideal for goal-based financial planning.

Through data aggregation, customers receive a complete overview and data from the customer are immediately usable for financial advice. The OPAL API has been used for the online platform. Customers who opt for personal advice can contact a Wealth coach who has extra functionalities available via the OPAL user interface. The coaches can develop detailed financial advice via the OPAL user interface and present it via video calls. Both solutions are hosted by Ortec Finance.

Independent asset management
OPAL is part of a complete system that has been built in nine months by a number of leading parties. The fully digital approach is in line with a growing need for flexible, individual and independent asset management. Prospery is thus at the forefront of a growth market in Europe.

About Prospery
Prospery (www.prospery.com) is a digital wealth management platform that allows users to manage their entire assets at all times, from anywhere, from Prospery Prospery consists of Prospery View, Prospery Coach and Prospery Invest. Prospery View gives customers online insight into their total assets, even when accounts are being held at other banks. Customers can choose to link bank accounts so that data is automatically uploaded and refreshed. Prospery View also gives the customer an insight into the development of the future capital based on proven forecasting models. Prospery View is free. With Prospery Invest, customers have the opportunity to manage their investments actively and fully automatically, tailored to the individual risk profile. Finally, the client can use Prospery Coach personal coaching by experienced and certified financial experts wherever and whenever the customer wants it remotely via chat or video call. Prospery Invest and Prospery Coach can be used at a fixed rate (together EUR 239, -p / m) irrespective of the size of the invested capital.

Prospery is for customers with assets from 200,000 euros and can be used within fifteen minutes.

For more information, visit www.prospery.de

Company: Ortec Finance

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