Fingerprints Software Platform for Payments and T-Shape sensor module pass by Bank Card Test Center in China

Fingerprint Cards AB’s software platform for payments, FPC-BEP, and the FPC T-Shape sensor module have passed the accuracy and security test performed by Bank Card Test Center (BCTC). BCTC is an independent third-party test service provider based in China and is accredited by global standardization organizations and payment schemes.

The test is based on the Fingerprint Identification Card Technical Guide set by China UnionPay and means that the highest level of security and accuracy has been passed from both consumers, banks and card manufacturers perspectives.

“This is a significant step for us on the road to enable secure and convenient payments for consumers around the world and to make it easier for card manufacturers in China to integrate our superior biometric solution. We are pleased that we have passed this important performance test as we approach the next step for wider commercial roll-out of biometric payment cards”, says Thomas Rex, SVP Business Line Smartcards at Fingerprints.

About BCTC
Bank Card Test Center was established in 1998 with the authorization of People’s Bank of China and became “National Financial IC Card Security Test Center”. As an independent third-party test service provider, against international, domestic, and financial industry specifications and standards, the main business of BCTC is to provide functional and security testing & assessment on chips, cards, acceptance terminals, mobile payment products, and payment systems, consulting and training services for global bank card and e-payment industrial stakeholders.

As a financial industrial testing service provider, national-accredited test center, and the international test laboratory accredited by global standardization organization like EMVCo, PCI and GlobalPlatform and global payment scheme like UnionPay, VISA and MasterCard, BCTC provides technical services for global bank card and e-payment industry.

About Fingerprints
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