Fingerprints collaborates with Giesecke Devrient to launch contactless biometric payment card integrating T-Shape

Fingerprint Cards and Giesecke + Devrient Mobile Security, a global mobile security technology company, are collaborating to bring contactless biometric payment cards to the market.

The card is featuring Fingerprints’ T-Shape module which is part of the 1300-series. It has ultra-low power consumption and is tailored to be integrated in smartcards using standard processes. The card is featured in the recently announced pilot with Crédit Agricole in France, a top three European bank.

“G+D is a leader and innovator in the global market for secure payments. We are excited that G+D has evaluated and selected our biometric technology, and to see our outstanding T-Shape being integrated into all top card suppliers and in a rising number of pilots with major banks around the world. This is a clear manifest of the growing appetite for biometric payments cards, and our strong position within this market”, says Thomas Rex, SVP Business Line Smartcards at Fingerprints.

Introducing biometric payment cards will offer great benefits for both banks, merchants and consumers.

“G+D’s Biometric card solutions mark an important step into a future of payment solutions that are both convenient and secure. Fingerprints provided the right technology to launch our biometric card solution that ensures at all times the protection of the user through Security by Design.” – Mikko Kähkönen, Head of Product Management Payment, G+D Mobile Security – Financial Service Solutions