WPS Health Insurance Selects Welldoc to Offer New Digital Health Management Solution

WPS Health Insurance and WPS Health Plan selected Welldoc®, a trailblazer in digital health, to offer a new, comprehensive chronic conditions digital health solution to a pilot group of self-funded employers in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Welldoc’s single platform provides a holistic, evidence-based approach for pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, heart failure and behavioral health. By leveraging the power of data, AI and clinical science, individuals with chronic conditions receive real-time, personalized digital coaching to self-manage their health and better coordinate with health care providers in meeting their treatment goals.

WPS Health Insurance is one of the largest health benefits providers in Wisconsin and offers health plans to the public and private sectors. WPS is focused on leveraging digital and data-driven approaches to help customers improve their overall health and wellness. Welldoc’s digital health offering will help the pilot participants manage their chronic conditions through meaningful insights and behavioral changes.

“WPS is at the forefront of offering flexible, cost-effective health solutions to their members in the Midwest. Their focus on community-based solutions pairs with Welldoc’s efforts to provide an evidence-based care model that can address gaps in care and reach at-risk populations,” said Welldoc’s Chief Operating Officer, Keith Reynolds. “We are encouraged by WPS’ mission to deliver affordable health care to their members. Our digital health solution will empower WPS members who are managing multiple comorbidities and providers who are working to effectively manage population health.”

“We want our members to take control of their health. The Welldoc app and tailored, real-time feedback will allow people to actively manage their conditions with a trusted partner,” said Jim Baird, Executive Vice President of WPS Health Insurance. “With the great majority of annual health care costs driven by chronic and mental health conditions, we believe the Welldoc platform can make a big impact for our members.”

The new offering will first be available as a pilot to self-funded employer-provided health plan customers, also known as Administrative Service Only (ASO), and later will be offered to other WPS Health Insurance and WPS Health Plan members.

About Welldoc®

Welldoc® is revolutionizing chronic condition management to help transform lives. BlueStar®, an FDA-cleared digital health solution, guides individuals through the complicated journey of living with diabetes by enabling them to self-manage their conditions and enhancing connections to their health care team. Welldoc streamlines the relationships between payers, employers and health care systems resources, with the goal of improving population health and reducing costs of chronic care. For more information, visit www.welldoc.com.

About WPS Health Insurance

As one of the largest health benefits providers in the state, Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation (WPS Health Insurance) remains not-for-profit and offers high-quality health plans to the public and private sectors. Headquartered in Madison, Wis., WPS Health Insurance also has offices in Green Bay and Rothschild. With more than 3,700 employees, we’re deeply committed to Wisconsin and its citizens.

WPS Health Insurance offers Preferred Provider Organization health plans for individuals and groups, third-party administrator services, plus Medicare supplement plans and Medicare prescription drug plans.

WPS Health Insurance is one of the brands under the umbrella of WPS Health Solutions, which offers insurance products through several brands as well as claims processing and benefits administration for U.S. government programs for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, U.S. Department of Defense, and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Visit the WPS Health Solutions About page for more information on our parent company.