VoPay and Parvis Invest partner to offer secure payments to Canadian investors

VoPay, a FinTech-as-a-Service platform, partnered with Parvis to offer real estate investors a simpler, faster and more secure payment method than cheques or wire transfers.

“This partnership aligns with our organisation’s mission of making financial products and services more accessible to North Americans,” said Hamed Arbabi, VoPay Founder & CEO. “Parvis is at the forefront of engaging the next generation in real estate investing, and we are proud to work together to streamline transactions through its online platform.”

Parvis Invest Inc, a technology-driven real estate company focused on broadening access to institutional quality real estate investment opportunities for all, has recently launched its full-service platform that offers comprehensive Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) services to developers across Canada. This service will be further optimised with EFT payment solutions.

VoPay’s advanced EFT solutions will offer Parvis’ customers a new payment gateway that does not require a bank branch visit to do a wire transfer. These efficiencies will enhance the customer experience, enable control and visibility, improve cash flow, strengthen security, and drive revenue. EFT transfers are one of three payment methods, including Wire and Registered Funds that Parvis offers investors to efficiently facilitate payments across various mediums.

“Integrating EFTs can be complex, and working with a team with cutting-edge technology and excellent customer service is critical in our current growth stage,” said David Michaud, CEO of Parvis Invest Inc. “As we continue to scale our business, we will experiment with more embedded payments solutions to sustain consistent growth and output over the long term.”