Universal Sompo launches an AI-powered virtual agent for motor insurance

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused ambiguity and disruption in customer services across the world. In these unforeseen circumstances, Universal Sompo General Insurance has launched Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered virtual agents for its motor claims services.

Universal Sompo’s AI-powered virtual agents will use conversational AI to automate the routine conversations traditionally handled by live agents. The First Notice of Loss (FNOL), which is the first step in claims processing, is usually a call centre-based service which requires extensive questioning and data gathering.

Customers who have had a motor accident and are looking to register a quick claim are usually under stress and look for convenient methods to report the claim without having to wait in call queues. Offloading routine calls from customer service representatives to AI-powered virtual agents will create a far superior customer experience.

The entire turnaround time (TAT) in the claim registration process is impacted significantly, thereby reducing the wait time for filing a claim, checks on claims status, review of policy information, and much more – all the things live agents would typically manage. With this first-of-its-kind solution in the insurance sector in India, the entire process at Universal Sompo will shrink to just a few minutes.