UBS and GitLab enter into multi-year strategic collaboration

Swiss banking giant UBS has signed a multi-year collaboration agreement with GitLab to accelerate the development of high quality solutions for clients.

UBS stated that it uses Agile and DevOps to develop, test and deploy digital solutions to improve services for its clients.

The collaboration between UBS and GitLab is claimed to be at the heart of DevCloud, which could strengthen the bank in covering the entire development process with one DevOps platform, while helping the bank to modernise its cloud based software development lifecycle.

UBS Group technology head Mike Dargan said: “Agile and DevOps, in conjunction with our cloud journey, are the way to offer even more dynamic, higher quality, and more efficient software engineering. This is the essence of our DevCloud which we want to be the best developer experience in the market.”

The collaboration with GitLab is aimed at enabling UBS’s engineers to develop in the cloud and to realize the benefits of DevOps.

The partnership is expected to increase quality and decrease time-to-market significantly, as the bank looks to more than double its speed of software engineering the next year end.

According to UBS, DevCloud could also act as a means to provide full end-to-end automation of its development pipeline.

Dargan continued saying: “GitLab will be a fundamental part of our cloud journey, and thus accelerate our strategy. With GitLab, we leapfrog many of our competitors and break the barriers between coding, testing, and deployment.

“In addition we expect this technology to enable us to engineer our cloud native applications as well as our traditional banking applications from one platform.”
GitLab’s solution removes communications between different tools for increased efficiency

By offering a single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle, GitLab helps in increasing efficiency by removing communications between different tools and bringing down maintenance costs.

Apart from efficiency, strengthening UBS’ stability and resilience is a significant reason for the bank to implement one single DevOps platform.

GitLab chief revenue officer Michael McBride said: “GitLab is thrilled to collaborate with UBS on their DevOps journey. We look forward to supporting UBS in their goal to increase efficiency as teams work on a single platform for DevSecOps.

“A key GitLab differentiator is built-in security at every step of the development lifecycle. This unparalleled approach to DevSecOps sets GitLab apart as customers can be faster and more secure at the same time.”