Tuum and Plumery collaborate on next-gen core banking platform

Tuum, the next-generation core banking provider, and Plumery, the new-generation digital banking platform, have partnered to introduce a pre-integrated headless front-end, with a microservices-based core banking solution.

Tuum and Plumery have jointly developed the solution to allow banks and FinTechs to leverage the flexibility of a true MACH (microservices, API-first, cloud, headless) solution, while adding the acceleration of a pre-integrated core and front-end.

The solution will combine Plumery’s library of ‘headless’ digital banking capabilities, with Tuum’s cloud-native, modular core to enable launching businesses to get to market faster than ever before. The combined solution will see fully digital onboarding, multi-factor accounts, transaction and money movement journeys available out-of-the-box, with more joint capabilities being released in early 2024.

Led by CEO, Ben Goldins, Plumery is on a mission to partner with modern technologies that can support the complexities banks and FinTechs face and lay down the foundation for long-term continuous innovation and improvements.

Conventional approaches typically require complex and costly customizations to launch unique digital experiences. The Tuum and Plumery proposition makes it four times faster for businesses to design and configure new products and launch them directly into a modern digital experience.

Ben Goldin, CEO of Plumery, said, “I am very excited to announce our partnership with Tuum. They are a leading example of how a true microservices architecture can bring a new level of agility needed by banks and FinTechs. Our shared technological philosophy of the importance of a highly componentized architecture in helping banks achieve the agility they need, will allow joint customers to rapidly deploy the two most important components – the core and digital experience – in a technology stack, and use that advantage to launch, and iterate, faster than ever before.”

Julian Douve, Head of Alliances & Partnerships at Tuum, echoed this sentiment, stating, “We are thrilled to announce this partnership. Tuum’s and Plumery’s visions are tightly aligned, and this collaboration will enable our customers to retain full control of their innovation while leveraging the speed of pre-built and integrated best-in-class solutions.”