TSB introduces Smart Agent for customers impacted by COVID-19

UK-based retail and commercial bank TSB has launched a new Smart Agent function on its website, enabling its customers to access measures it has introduced during the coronavirus pandemic.

With the new functionality, the bank’s customers have been enabled to apply for a repayment holiday on mortgages, personal loans and business loans.

In addition, the new feature allows customers to ask questions and get their answers ‘live’ from TSB’s employees, which marks the first time for TSB to provide similar functionality.

TSB chief operating officer Suresh Viswanathan said: “We’re determined to help our customers in every way we can during this difficult period.

“That’s why it was important to deliver this solution quickly and I’m pleased we’ve been able to get it up and running in five days – it’s a testament to our teams working in partnership with IBM and our modern banking platform.

“It means that our colleagues across TSB who may be working from home can continue to help customers to access all our online and digital services.”
TSB partnered with its technology partner IBM to introduce Smart Agent

TSB said that its new approach will free up its employees in branches and contact centres, allowing them to focus on serving crucial bank services.

The bank has collaborated with its technology partner IBM to develop the new Smart Agent solution within five days. The Smart Agent was launched on 25 March 2020.

More than 250 bank employees have now been trained to provide the service using Smart Agent, which has answered more than 11,000 customer requests using a combination of a chatbot and employees.

Smart Agent, which will also be provided through the TSB mobile App, has been enhanced to include capabilities to authenticate the identity of customers, facilitating further customisation for individual needs.