Sayata Labs to Bring Insurers the Deepest Cyber Risk Assessment Solution for the SMB Market

Sayata Labs, the deepest enterprise-grade risk assessment solution in the cyber insurance industry for SMBs, has emerged from stealth with $6.5 million in seed funding. Sayata uses advanced cybersecurity and data science expertise to provide insurers with the ability to quickly and accurately assess cyber risk, as well as provide existing and potential insureds with actionable mitigation recommendations that significantly improve their cyber risk posture.

Sayata is already partnering with AXA, a global insurance leader, to enhance the firms’ cyber risk capabilities. Elron, an Israeli early stage venture capital firm specializing in cyber, led the round. The funds will be used to accelerate Sayata’s global operations in the burgeoning cyber insurance market.

Sayata provides insurers and brokers with extensive cyber risk visibility by analyzing a range of data sources that are directly linked to the vast majority of cyber breaches – a capability currently non-existent for SMB underwriting. Powered by AI-based algorithms, the solution provides insurers and SMBs with data-driven insights that are specifically related to actual cyber losses. The quick scan accurately ascertains levels of cyber-threat exposure and preparedness unmatched in the industry.

“This investment is a vote of confidence in Sayata’s approach to assessing cyber risk and our technology,” said Asaf Lifshitz, Co-Founder and CEO of Sayata Labs. “Sayata is pioneering a new approach to cyber insurance underwriting with an enterprise-grade solution and technology never before available to the SMB market. Our proprietary solution thoroughly assesses a company’s risk exposure, providing unmatched visibility to facilitate superior risk selection and modeling so insurance carriers can grow their SMB portfolio profitably and with confidence.”

“Protecting our clients against cyber risks is one of our top priorities, which is why AXA partners with trusted, best-in-class solution providers,” said Guillaume Borie, CEO of AXA Next, and AXA Group Chief Innovation Officer. “With Sayata, we can both improve our risk selection, as well as advance our clients’ cybersecurity protection, which helps us partner with our clients effectively.”

“We view Sayata’s technology as a real game changer for cyber insurers underwriting SMBs.” said Zohar Rozenberg, VP of Cyber Investments at Elron. “Currently, insurers are underwriting these policies with little visibility or insight into the risk. Sayata is changing this reality by simultaneously raising the overall cyber security standard for SMBs and insurers by providing both parties with a far greater understanding of cyber security posture. This enables both insurers and insureds to significantly reduce their risk. As a cyber security focused investor, Sayata is the best solution we have seen for the fast-growing cyber insurance industry.”

Benefiting from the experience of leading cyber security technologists alongside veterans of the global insurance industry, Sayata’s solution is specifically designed to be scalable and intuitive, providing insurers with essential cyber security benchmarks that enable them to grow their business portfolio while minimizing risk and maintaining profitability. The comprehensive solution is quick to run and priced to fit within the SMB underwriting budget.

About Sayata LabsSayata Labs is an enterprise-grade risk assessment solution for the cyber insurance industry that is tailored to the SMB segment. Powered by AI-based algorithms and utilizing granular data that is directly linked to the vast majority of cyber breaches, the solution leverages deep cybersecurity and data science expertise to provide profound insights to better assess cyber risk. Sayata also delivers actionable recommendations that enable insureds to easily improve their cybersecurity posture. For more information, visit

About AXA

AXA is a worldwide leader in insurance and asset management, with 171,000 employees serving 105 million clients in 63 countries. In 2018, IFRS revenues amounted to Euro 102.9 billion and IFRS underlying earnings to Euro 6.2 billion. AXA had Euro 1,424 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2018.

About Elron

Elron is a leading early-stage investor committed to turning promising ideas into global industry leaders, with a proven track record of investments and successful M&As worldwide. Elron invests in medical devices, cyber security and IT. Since its establishment in 1962, Elron stands on the forefront of Israeli innovation both as founders and early investors in companies across various industries such as Elbit, Medingo, Given Imaging, Cloudyn and Cyber Secdo.