Romania Gets €1.7bn Loan From EU To Upgrade Its Rail Infra

In order to upgrade the nation’s rail system, the Romanian government and state railroad firm CFR have obtained a €1.7 billion credit from the European Union.The Caransebes-Timişoara-Arad railway line will reportedly be one of up to 162 kilometres of train lines that will be modernised using funds provided by the National Recovery and Resilience Program.

The funds are expected to be used to expand the length of the rail line along the entire span, build a regional traffic management hub, rehabilitate the lines, and alter the route to allow for faster train travel. It has been called the most important financing deal for the railway sector.

Additionally, CFR intends to update train stations, get rid of level crossings, erect sidewalks for pedestrians, and raise platform levels to meet European standards.

Sorin Grindeanu, Minister of Transport, who signed the agreement with CFR’s General Director, announced the project on social media. He noted that all four project lots had already seen the consultation of contractors, and that contracts for design and construction will be signed after the resolution of the appeal.

The four sections of the project are: Caransebeş-Lugoj; Lugoj-East Timisoara; East Timisoara-Ronat Triage Gr. D; and Ronat Triage Gr. D-Arda.

The National Recovery and Resilience Program was established by the European Union to assist member nations in reducing the pandemic’s effects and to improve the sustainability, resilience, and readiness of European economies and societies for the green and digital revolutions.