Profile Software launches core banking platform, Finuevo Core

Profile Software, a leading financial solutions provider, announced today the release of its new banking platform Finuevo Core which is the evolution of, the internationally implemented core banking platform. Finuevo Core incorporates a new logic in Banking and offers a unique user experience through a brand new front-end. is an award-winning banking system and with this in mind, the Finuevo Core aims at delivering a more advanced native web, state-of-the-art, cross device and OS functionality through a responsive layout, offering the same look and feel across all devices.

The platform has been redesigned to deliver an optimum user experience, to improve user productivity and provide superior customer service. Through a straightforward and intuitive navigation within a modern interface, users have instant access to information and actions. Combined with high levels of process automation and streamlining, users interact as little as possible with the system, performing more tasks in the same amount of time.

Significant and competitive new features have also been incorporated such as voice activated commands, user alerting, chat and powerful workflow setup and management across all functions. Coupled with personalisation capabilities, such as dashboards, shortcuts and navigation history, the new Finuevo Core is a truly forward-looking platform to cover the needs of the modern Bank.

Finuevo Core is the next generation banking platform developed to meet current and future market trends. It can easily integrate through its API layer with any 3rd party system, and it can be used as the backbone to the bank’s operations offering a unified approach. Finuevo Core is seamlessly integrated with Finuevo Digital, Profile’s new digital banking platform, both part of the Finuevo Suite that delivers front-to-back, cloud- and SaaS enabled, end-to-end banking operations targeted to banks and financial organisations (e.g., EMIs, MFIs, Digital Lenders, etc.) that want to advance their digital transformation and offered services.