PCI Pal Launches New Digital Entry in Mobile Payments Space

Granted, the phrase “a true omnichannel secure payments environment” might sound like a huge buzzword salad, but in this case, it represents a new step forward in the mobile payments space. That’s just what came out of PCI Pal, who recently tipped us off about the launch of their new PCI Pal Digital system, designed to provide that high-end experience in conjunction with some of its earlier releases.

The PCI Pal Digital system is geared to work alongside both the Agent Assist and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payment systems, allowing for greater access to payment systems from more platforms, including email, webchat systems, text message and more. While this may not make payments truly omnichannel—that means available through every possible channel—its use will certainly get users closer to that great omnichannel goal.

Essentially, PCI Pal Digital allows users to reach the point where payment is requested, then offer customers a URL that routes to a secure page for payment details to be put in. Contact center agents can track the flow of payment at any point in the process, improving the odds of completed sales.

PCI Pal CEO James Barham noted “As businesses add digital solutions to their customer engagement strategy, it will be important that they ensure adherence to increasingly stringent compliance and data privacy rules and regulations (such as the California Consumer Privacy Act). With PCI Pal Digital, we are helping our customers move to this next phase of multichannel engagement without sacrificing customer experience or security.”

In the end, it’s about improving access and smoothing processes, two sets of points that help businesses offer a better customer experience and improve their own bottom line. While PCI Pal Digital doesn’t have a lot of endorsements to its credit just yet—it only just launched—it’s got a lot of chance to offer businesses better outcomes, and that should make it a popular new addition to a lot of lineups out there.

If it’s possible to improve business with a new tool, then putting that tool in play should at least be considered. PCI Pal Digital is certainly making a sound case for its use, and there are likely to be a lot of pleasantly-surprised businesses out there who try it for themselves to augment their mobile payments picture.