Paysharp receives Payment Aggregator In-Principle License from RBI

Paysharp, an India-based B2B payments company, recently announced that it has received the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) nod for Payment Aggregator In-Principle License.

Krishna Kumar Mani, cofounder and CEO of Paysharp shared in media statement, “It was great news to us. We want to say thanks to RBI, customers, banking partners and investors. This license will help us scale big.”

Paysharp is three years old Indian FinTech company focusing on B2B payments space with flat pricing. It offers enterprise-grade complete Virtual account and UPI solutions for businesses to easily integrate with their solution or mobile app so businesses can collect frictionless payments.

Paysharp provides a complete collection solution with branded UPI handle and customization with all the UPI payment options such as mobile intent, collection request and dynamic QR code. Businesses can easily integrate UPI or virtual account solutions. Paysharp only charges a flat fee per transaction as a platform fee to businesses, which is a cost-effective alternative to percentage-based pricing. Paysharp’s payment solution is technically very strong and designed to handle unpredictable scales. Apart from Payment gateway services, Paysharp is also providing solutions to billers to onboard as BBPS (Bharat bill payment system).

In 2022, the company also went live on Bharat Bill Payment System under the new category B2B Bill collections.