PayPal enables US users to sell cryptocurrency via MetaMask wallet

Global payment giant PayPal continues expanding its digital asset services, integrating new methods to sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC).

On Sept. 11, PayPal introduced new on- and off-ramps for Web3 payments, allowing users in the United States to convert their crypto to U.S. dollars directly from their wallets into their PayPal balance.

According to the announcement, the PayPal off-ramp feature is immediately available to wallets, decentralized applications and nonfungible token marketplaces and is live on MetaMask.

The new features are designed to enable customers to buy and sell several cryptocurrencies in the United States.

“Once integrated, web3 merchants can help grow their user base by connecting to PayPal’s fast and seamless payments experience trusted by millions, while leveraging PayPal’s robust security controls and tools for fraud management, chargebacks and disputes,” PayPal noted.