Paymob and Khazenly partner to enable merchants to digitise business operations

Paymob, one of the leading financial services enablers in the MENA-P region and Khazenly, Egypt’s premier on-demand digital warehousing and fulfillment management platform, announced that they have signed a partnership agreement to enable merchants to digitise business operations fully.

“We are particularly excited about this partnership with Khazenly that demonstrates our commitment to digitise B2B payments which are central to the digital transformation of any business,” said Islam Shawky, Paymob’s Co-founder and CEO. “By combining our value proposition with that of Khazenly, we are creating a comprehensive, digital B2B logistics and payments solution. As the agents of inclusive growth in any economy, SMEs in Egypt will benefit the most from our partnership with Khazenly which will open new opportunities for them.”

The strategic partnership creates an end-to-end ecosystem that combines Paymob’s multiple digital payment acceptance and payout solutions with Khazenly’s digital fulfillment and warehousing services. Merchants in the ecosystem also have access to Paymob’s real-time payments reporting dashboard for instant financial visibility. The innovative technology integration will transform how merchants do business in Egypt, resulting in streamlined operations and more efficient transaction lifecycles while significantly expanding merchants’ customer base.

Mohamed Younes, Khazenly’s Co-founder and CEO, stated, “Khazenly’s core mission is to grow the e-commerce market across Egypt and the region. Hence, partnering up with one of the region’s leading e-payment players, Paymob, is very exciting for us, as we believe that together we can enable the transition from offline to online for all our merchants via offering comprehensive solutions from first mile to payment services.”

Since its founding in Egypt in 2015, Paymob has offered its merchants the most comprehensive payment acceptance methods. Today, Paymob’s omnichannel payments infrastructure enables online and in-store payment methods via its gateway, point of sale (POS), and Paymob app products. Its offering also includes financial technologies that enable merchants to manage and grow their businesses in the digital economy. The FinTech currently serves 170,000 merchants in its network across MENA-P.

Khazenly’s logistics platform is shaping the future of e-commerce in Egypt with its convenient, affordable, and easy-to-use omni-channel solution that helps merchants grow their businesses and supercharge the digitalisation of their fulfillment processes. Launched in 2021, Khazenly’s technology and business model allow its merchants and social commerce retailers to optimise their fulfilment processes digitally when selling online (B2C), via retail stores (B2B), marketplaces, cross-border or a combination of these channels.