P97 taps Visa for mobile convenience store payments

Visa, P97 Networks, Mobile Payments, EV charging payments, in-car payments, voice-enabled payment platform, USA, FinTechP97 Networks, a connected commerce, mobile payments, and mobility services provider, has teamed up with Visa to deploy its token technology. This collaboration will help reduce friction with in-car payments and enable EV charging payments across public networks.

The first step in this cooperation is the launch of P97’s network token services to connect millions of digital wallets and cars for creating secure mobile payment experiences.

P97 Networks and Visa will work together in the coming months to introduce a series of connected commerce experiences, including payment solutions for electric vehicle charging.

“This collaboration underscores the powerful security that tokens provide to auto OEMs, energy brands, and issuers alike. Drivers and consumers that embrace digital payments and mobile apps tend to be more loyal and transact more frequently at the same brands,” said Ansar Ansari, SVP and Global Head of Product Platforms at Visa. “We are excited to be teaming up with P97 Networks to accelerate mobile payment adoption.”

P97 Networks’ Connected Commerce and Mobile Payments platform, offers a host of services for automobile manufacturers across key cloud computing capabilities. These include payment aggregation, services aggregation, fuelling, parking, tolling, car wash, dealership services and digital marketing services.

P97 Networks provides these capabilities through APIs so auto OEMs, super apps, and voice-enabled payment platforms can transact at more than 60,000 convenience retail and fuels marketing sites.

“We have seen our connected commerce and mobile solutions become more embedded within our customers’ digital marketing and loyalty programs to drive growth and operational efficiency,” said Donald Frieden, CEO of P97 Networks. “In order to accelerate the adoption of mobile commerce, it’s critical for us to continue enhancing the payment experience for consumers and drivers, and our joint effort with Visa is a significant step towards that vision.”