Objectway Delivers New Integrated Digital Front-End Solutions for BNY Mellons Pershing

Objectway announces its ongoing collaboration with BNY Mellon’s Pershing, a market leading provider of trading, clearing, settlement and custody services, to deliver Pershing’s new integrated front-end solutions: Pershing Nexus Wealth®, with digital client management portfolio management tools, and Pershing Nexus Investor®, an investor portal.

Objectway has been working closely with Pershing since July 2017 to phase in all the required services. The solutions are available now and will be enhanced with the addition of execution only functionality and financial planning tools.

“We are committed to providing a range of highly secure, flexible and innovative solutions to our clients,” said Geoff Towers, Pershing’s CEO, “and believe the addition of these integrated front-end tools enhance our core clearing and custody proposition and will offer a simplified solution with a single point of contact for wealth management clients across the EMEA region.”

Pershing already offers clients live integration between its services and selected third-party customer relationship management, data warehouse and front-end solutions. Using Objectway’s integrated digital platform, Pershing will be able to implement a single, fully integrated, straight-through processing solution, all within a single contract.

“We are extremely pleased to have succeeded with Pershing’s extensive selection process,” said Luigi Marciano, CEO of Objectway.

Objectway’s solutions will empower Pershing’s offering of workflow capabilities to wealth managers, improving management of their clients; from customisable engagement models through the whole advice process, combining human interaction with digital capabilities. The integrated portfolio management and CRM systems will also automate operational processes while enhancing service offering, in full compliance with a post-MiFID II environment.

Investors, will have a multi-channel user experience, and will be able to communicate with their advisers across many devices using online chat, video, phone or email. They will be able to check their investments, and if they wish, and ask for their adviser’s help through real-time collaboration using co-browsing; thus enabling easy review and discussion remotely.