Nymbus and DataVisor link for fraud management in digital banking

Nymbus, a front-runner in cloud-based FinTech solutions, has entered a strategic alliance with DataVisor, a fraud and risk management platform.

Nymbus, renowned for its digital banking innovations, provides extensive technology solutions to banks and credit unions. On the other hand, DataVisor stands out with its next-generation fraud and risk platform, which employs advanced AI and machine learning to safeguard against fraudulent activities.

The partnership has been forged with the aim of integrating DataVisor’s comprehensive fraud management tools into Nymbus’ suite of digital banking offerings. This collaboration is set to provide a robust defence against fraudulent activities, leveraging the latest in AI technology.

Nymbus transforms the financial services landscape by offering cloud-based solutions that empower financial institutions to modernize their infrastructure, create new digital banks, or revamp existing ones. DataVisor brings to the table its sophisticated AI and machine learning technologies to deliver a fraud and risk platform that anticipates and neutralizes threats in real-time.

Nymbus clients are expected to experience a significant enhancement in their fraud prevention capabilities and risk management strategies. The integration of DataVisor’s platform will enable seamless digital transitions with minimized fraud risks, all while maintaining an optimal customer experience.

This alliance marks a significant step in the digital evolution of financial services, providing Nymbus’ financial institution partners with the confidence to innovate and grow in a secure and agile environment.

DataVisor’s CEO and Co-founder Yinglian Xie commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Nymbus, bringing advanced fraud solutions that will elevate their digital banking offerings for banks and credit unions. Our joint efforts mark a transformative era in financial services, where top-tier technology meets uncompromising fraud security, delivering superior digital banking experiences for customers.”