Kyriba and U.S. Bank accelerate real-time payments for businesses

U.S. Bank, Kyriba Kyriba, a global leader in cloud-based finance solutions, and U.S. Bank announced that they are working together to ease the process of enabling real-time payments and reporting for businesses.

With new API-powered payment connectors, clients of both U.S. Bank and Kyriba can now easily send instant payments to vendors, customers, and employees from their U.S. Bank accounts within their existing Kyriba dashboard. For clients of both companies, these connectors reduce time and resources required to enable new payment methods.

“We’re focused on streamlining the process of enabling instant payments for our clients to help them quickly experience the competitive advantage that comes with delivering payments in real-time, 24/7,” said Anu Somani, head of global payables and embedded payments, U.S. Bank. “This is one of many ways we are bringing embedded payments to the market. With real-time APIs, we’re meeting our customers where they are, easily embedding our payment solutions directly into their existing systems.”

In addition to instant RTP® Network payments, joint U.S. Bank and Kyriba clients can leverage the API connectors to send Zelle® payments. The solution also provides businesses with real-time visibility into bank account balance and transaction reporting, which helps improve cash flow management.

“The partnership between Kyriba and U.S. Bank enables our customers to reduce payments costs, strengthen supplier relationships, and improve cash visibility and forecasting,” said Bob Stark, Global Head of Market Strategy at Kyriba. “Combined with Kyriba’s real-time fraud detection and account validation, Kyriba and U.S. Bank are delivering secure and compliant payment processing that operates at machine speed.”