Ideal Credit Union Launches Segmint Solution on Alkami Digital Banking Platform

Alkami Technology, Inc., a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for banks and credit unions in the U.S.,  announced its client, Ideal Credit Union, has launched the Segmint data and marketing solution via the Alkami Platform to provide a powerful new way for it to connect members with the banking products they need most.

“Segmint identifies every useful data point in the transaction stream that can help us better serve our members,” said Alisha Johnson, Ideal Credit Union’s chief growth officer. “Now that Segmint is part of the Alkami Platform, we can serve members custom offers based on what products the data indicates they have elsewhere, which helps us expand their business with Ideal. The combined power of the Alkami Platform and Segmint enables us to get the right offers to the right people at the right time.”

Ideal recently leveraged Segmint to identify members who were potential CD purchasers, and then used the Alkami Platform to serve them a CD offer through the credit union’s mobile banking channel. “Without the Alkami Platform, those members might not have been aware of it,” Johnson said. “As a result of that initiative, we were able to open more than one million dollars in CDs. With Segmint’s Key Lifestyle Indicators™, we also actively look at our membership base for those who have mortgages, loans, credit cards and deposit accounts elsewhere so we can offer them competitive products via the Alkami Platform.”

“Ideal Credit Union exemplifies how powerful the Segmint and Alkami combination is for financial institutions (FIs),” said Alex Shootman, Alkami chief executive officer, who noted that Ideal was one of a handful of financial institutions to partner with both companies before Alkami purchased Segmint earlier this year. “The ability to leverage insights derived from transaction data super-charges an FI’s digital sales and service capabilities, ultimately enabling them to deepen account holder relationships and drive revenue.”