GBHub Cloudbank Is Best-In-Class Decentralized Finance, Secure And Powerful Application Platform

Global Business Hub is one of the world’s leading fintech company, with the formation of developers, entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders, security experts, global tech expertise, and more who are working together to lay the foundations for a decentralized future. We are dedicated to transforming the world’s digital architecture into a more open, inclusive, and secure Internet of value to enable everyone from local communities to global enterprises to transact with efficiency, transparency, securely and most importantly, trust.

In the years ahead, cloud-based ERP, automation, and cognitive innovation will continue apace, creating opportunities to radically simplify processes and free up people. Adding blockchain to the mix will only accelerate this trend. As this transition picks up speed and the transformation of the financial service system will go fully digital and decentralize. With the launch of GBHub Cloudbank is essential to adapt to the fast-changing digital financial environment.

GBHub Cloudbank is best-in-class decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions which built and design with cutting-edge tools based on Hybrid Google Cloud and Ethereum 2.0 Blockchain network, a future-proof blockchain technology to our broad and growing base of sophisticated users in one easy to use, secure and powerful application platform.

GBHub Cloudbank is also designed to solve the billion dollar problem encountered by the conventional banking system by offering decentralize financial services on blockchain such as cross-border payments and transfer solutions by improving worldwide connectivity in account-to-account transactions. One of the key goals is to move money and cryptocurrency and any other valuable digital asset seamlessly, securely and frictionless across the blockchain network. GBHub Cloudbank is first digital cloud bank that offer direct cryptocurrency to fiat-currency conversion and transactions seamlessly, the platform is built to serve billions of people (bank and the unbanked) and to address issues such as high costs in processing transactions, liquidity management and the lack of standardisation and technical processes between banks and domestic clearing systems.

There are three key features to a decentralized banking system that give this alternative method of transacting a distinct advantage. Decentralized finance through public blockchain has the following benefits. First, it is open where everyone in the world can connect to this network. Second, It is distributed, records are stored on thousands of computers, adding security in the network. Third, it is decentralized, no verification by a central party necessary.

More importantly, the paradigm shift to a DeFi model puts the individual in the driver’s seat, instead of being heavily reliant on antiquated centralized authorities. “In decentralized finance, users have custody of their wealth and can transact securely without validation from a central party

When it comes to financial inclusion, many people say we should try and bank the unbanked. While that is true, the true potential in the crypto world lies in unbanking the banked. For centuries, banks have been at the center of our financial ecosystem. Consumers have always needed a bank’s permission and blessing to operate financial transactions. Now, with the rise of blockchain, people will have more power and more choice in how they manage their finances.

It is time to reformulate the banking system with better security, speed, efficiency and more affordable financial products for consumers. GBHub will continuously innovate and build the internet of value and a new level playing field in the decentralize finance system which will change the way of banking in the future.