Funda Finance Partners selects nCino to transform its business lending

nCino, the worldwide leader in cloud banking, announced that Funda Finance Partners, a Newcastle-based financial services provider primarily serving Australian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), has chosen the nCino Bank Operating System to streamline its lending processes and enhance its customer experience. Funda will use nCino to gain efficiencies that benefit both their employees and customers.

Funda chose nCino after searching for a technology solution that could serve as a central repository of information for their loan application process, help automate tasks and determine application outcomes. nCino stood out not only for its industry experience and global footprint, but also for the flexibility of its Bank Operating System, which can be configured to suit the unique business requirements of any financial institution. Additionally, nCino’s Customer Portal enables easy customer and broker interaction.

“As a customer-centric organisation that prides itself on being faster than a bank and financially fairer than other non-bank lenders, we see the investment in nCino as a way to improve our customer journey and more swiftly assess loan applications,” said Mark Owen, Director at Funda Finance Partners. “With nCino, we will be able to deliver expedited levels of service and an efficient, dynamic customer experience that will allow our customers to interact with us in the way that is most convenient for them.”

The nCino Bank Operating System will assist Funda with collecting and analysing data to reduce risk and inform smart decision-making. Because of the breadth of nCino’s end-to-end solution, Funda will be able to expand its use of the platform as the business and market require. Additionally, the nCino Bank Operating System will provide Funda with document management, smart checklists and a centralised data location, which will enhance workflows and employee collaboration while simplifying employee tasks and improving the team’s work environment.

“We are excited to be partnering with Funda Finance Partners as they continue to assist Australian SMEs and expand more broadly into the commercial lending space,” said Mark Bernhardi, general manager – Asia Pacific at nCino. “It’s truly an honour to help Funda provide Australian businesses with loans that enable them to meet their full potential and thereby have such a positive impact on the Australian market.”