Fact or Fiction: Compliance Training

Like many topics in the business world, there are many myths and misconceptions about what corporate compliance is and how it works.  There seems to be this idea that it is forced political correctness or shoving that down our throats.  However, I’m here today to help you sort fact from fiction regarding this important topic.

So, let’s go over a list of common things I have heard, and determine together whether they are true or not.  You might be surprised by what you find out!  Before digging further, though, I recommend you brush up a bit on what compliance is by checking out this page.

1. It’s Required

Here’s the verdict on this one: yes, you are required to provide some sort of compliance education to your employees.  This is largely because it involves prevention of discrimination or harassment in a work environment, along with upholding laws or rules set in place by governing bodies.  So, that means you do have to provide some information to your employees.

2. It’s Not Worth Spending Time On

Hopefully, this comes as no surprise – this is false.  In fact, I would say the truth is quite the opposite!  You should certainly make this a priority.  That’s because of all the benefits you can enjoy from creating an effective program to teach about these things.

So, it’s worth taking the time to do it right the first time.  You don’t want to present something and have it not been retained at all.  Sadly, this is all too common when slap-dash sessions are developed.  You’ll receive the same energy in return that you put out into the universe, after all!

3. It Shoves Diversity Down Our Throats

Of course, this is another falsehood.  To start off, there is no such thing as “forced” diversity.  Rather, there are inclusion initiatives that we can take that only serve to benefit ourselves and our community.

As you can probably imagine, there is plenty of statistical data that tells us how much an initiative like this can help an organization.  You see, you get to enjoy a higher variety of perspectives that can help you tackle obstacles with much more efficiency.  You will probably see higher sales rates, as well.

This comes from several factors.  On one level, you will enjoy higher levels of productivity in your office because of the improved atmosphere of inclusivity and belonging.  This will likely lead to higher profits because of the increased sales!

Additionally, your reputation as a positive presence in the community will increase significantly.  When you establish yourself as a force for change, people tend to feel more positively towards you.  This leads to better brand presence, recognition, and hopefully loyalty as well!  When you’re able to retain more customers, you’ll be glad you worked on this.

Fact or Fiction: Compliance Training

4. It Can Backfire, and Lead to More Incidents

Thankfully, this is another myth.  There is no data that shows that online compliance training results in more incidents of harassment.  Rather, better education often means you will have less issues.  Sometimes, people genuinely do not know what constitutes as harassment.

So, when we teach our workers what microaggressions are, for example, we will likely see a lower frequency of them.  Additionally, it makes anyone suffering from any negative behaviors feel safer coming forward and reporting them.  If they are reported, they can be handled by the company rather than external forces like lawyers.  It’s best to catch it at this phase rather than letting it fester.

5. It Can be a Challenge

This one is true.  As with any changes that you make when it comes to business practices, there will be some hiccups along the way.  This isn’t necessarily a negative thing, though.  Use your problem-solving skills to get through these difficulties!  Most likely, you’ll find you’ll come out the other side stronger than you were before.

Perhaps the hardest part is ensuring that your own company values are reflected in the curriculum developed.  This includes any goals you have both for now and for the future.  If you’re going with an external option, usually you can customize it to suit your purposes.

Just try to prepare yourself for the inevitable fact that you will face roadblocks along the way.  Don’t let them discourage you.  Rather, tackle them head on and see who rises to the occasion amongst your employees as well!  It’s a good way to find potential management or supervisor material!

As you have hopefully learned today, a lot of the more negative stereotypes surrounding compliance are simply not accurate.  Instead, there is a lot to be gained from these practices!  Decide how you want to present them to your workers, and determine an implementation strategy!