Equifax and Georgia Tech Announce Financial Inclusion Research Partnership

Equifax and the Georgia Institute of Technology have announced a new research partnership designed to develop new ways to reach underserved, underbanked and credit-rebuilding consumers. As part of this relationship, the Financial Services Innovation Lab at Georgia Tech will leverage anonymized Equifax data assets to further its innovative research designed to increase consumer access to credit and Equifax data scientists will provide hands-on data education to speed research time. The research partnership is designed to stimulate growth in fintech entrepreneurship in Atlanta.

“We appreciate having access to comprehensive alternative data sources and credit modeling experts through the Equifax Data Science Lab,” said Professor Sudheer Chava, Alton M. Costley Chair at Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech. “We are excited to take the next step to strengthen our partnership with Equifax in conducting research to improve people’s financial lives.”

The Georgia Tech Financial Services Innovation Lab aims to be a hub for finance education, research and industry in the Southeast United States. The lab acts as a platform to connect faculty and students across Georgia Tech with the financial services industry and fintech entrepreneurs. The fintech industry is one of Georgia’s fastest-growing sectors, and Atlanta is a major global center for financial technology. Equifax and Georgia Tech intend to facilitate inclusive innovation in the fintech industry through university sponsored startup accelerator programs.

“Our purpose is to help people live their financial best. We strive to create economically healthy individuals and communities everywhere we do business,” said Christopher Yasko, Senior Vice President, Equifax Data Science Lab. “Partnering with Georgia Tech enables us to work hands-on with the next generation of data scientists to create solutions that can positively impact consumers for decades to come.”