Dyna.Ai conducts global launch and unveils Dyna Athena and Dyna Avatar Solutions for the banking and financial services sector

Dyna.Ai, a leading AI technology service company headquartered in Singapore, has officially announced its global launch at the Dubai Fintech Summit in Dubai. Dyna.Ai has also unveiled a range of modern AI innovative solutions, for application across multiple industries.

Dyna.Ai leverages the forefront of AI technology to enhance key business functions within financial and other industries. Its solutions are pivotal in elevating marketing, customer acquisition, risk management, and operational productivity.

“At Dyna.Ai, our mission is simple: empower work, enrich life. The global financial services sector is at a critical juncture, requiring enterprises to adapt rapidly to the AI disruption that’s happening right in front of them. Faced with numerous challenges, business leaders desire solutions that equip them with cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of competitors in this rapidly evolving ecosystem,” said Mr. Tomas Skoumal, Chairman of Dyna.Ai.

As part of its global expansion, Dyna.Ai has launched operations across Asia, the Middle East, America, Europe, and Africa, to serve its diverse range of clients including traditional banks, digital banks, fintechs, insurance firms, and other businesses.

In Dubai, Dyna.Ai unveiled its comprehensive AI platform, designed to provide enterprise-level generative AI models featuring meticulous data curation, advanced customization, retrieval-augmented generation, and enhanced performance. The AI platform includes two solutions, one is Dyna Athena for text-to-speech, language and speech processing, and another one is Dyna Avatar for digital human interactions. Both solutions offer LLM-powered, task-specific solutions tailored for banks, fintechs, and various businesses, enhancing natural language interactions to make conversations more realistic and engaging.

Dyna Avatar provides real-time digital human interactions, featuring automatic speech recognition and dynamic experiences powered by conversational AI. Currently supporting English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai, Dyna Avatar is poised to expand its language capabilities with future upgrades, enhancing digital life and shaping the future of intelligent interaction.

Furthermore, Dyna.Ai showcased its robust system products, including the Business Core System and Smart Decision Platform, which centralize data storage, integrate APIs, and streamline operations. The Digital Banking System, another advanced solution, supports omnichannel mobility and full digitalization, facilitating rapid growth in user engagement and transaction volumes.

“We are thrilled to kickstart our global expansion from the Dubai Fintech Summit. Dyna.Ai not only provides professional AI solutions in the financial field, but also offers a unique and innovative RaaS (Result as a Service) business model, Dyna.Ai supports pay for performance and provides services that can generate business results for banks, insurance, wealth and fintechs ” said Mr. Tomas Skoumal.

Dyna.Ai has a highly skilled and professional global management team with strong core capabilities. The key professionals with backgrounds are from esteemed institutions such as Standard Chartered Bank, Citi Bank, JP Morgan Chase, FICO and digital banking, and holding advanced degrees in fields including computer science, AI/ML, statistics, and neuroscience, this diverse group brings extensive expertise across financial services, data analysis, AI, software engineering, and business consulting, provided successful application solutions for multiple clients.

More than 50% of Dyna.Ai’s employees are committed to research and development innovation, and focus on providing local services and operational capabilities in regions and countries, Dyna.Ai focuses on combining globally leading AI technology with meeting the local financial service needs of various countries.