Dubai Commerce Chamber forms Fintech, Payments Biz Group

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce has announced the formation of a new Fintech and Payments Business Group with the goal of uniting businesses of all sizes operating in these fields in order to foster collegial discussion, advocate for legislative change, and market the emirate as a fiercely competitive international business hub.

The establishment of the new business group is part of the chamber’s ambition to expand the number of organisations that speak for Dubai’s many industries and commercial pursuits. This will strengthen these entities’ competitiveness and promote Dubai’s sustainable growth.

The new group will play a crucial role in assisting Dubai businesses and giving members important data and insights on trends throughout the fintech ecosystem so they can take advantage of suggestions for policy and regulatory reform and profit from new developments in financial technology.

Business groups are a crucial component in fostering a supportive, enabling, and world-class business environment in Dubai, said Executive Director of Business Advocacy at Dubai Chambers, Maha AlGargawi, in response to a question about the launch. The business community will be able to support crucial policy changes through ongoing open conversations, which will facilitate and increase the business climate in Dubai and solidify the emirate’s status as a vibrant and international economic hub.

The Fintech and Payments Business Group will concentrate on methods for implementing the highest standards while offering financial services and payment solutions to businesses.

Business organisations serve as dependable sectoral champions and are crucial in suggesting policy reforms that will increase a sector’s attractiveness and competitiveness while advancing global best practises and fostering economic growth. By March 2023, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce hopes to have business organisations representing 100 different economic sectors and activities.