Digital Pound Showcases Itself As A Prospect In Britain

As per what officials said on February 6, Britain is planning to push for a possible digital pound, which may come into use in the second half of the decade, and thereby help in the prevention of fragmentation of a system based on electronic cash, which is dominated by tech and banking giants.

The finance ministry as well as Bank of England officials opined that a central bank digital currency-CBDC was most likely needed later this decade, and they have launched a fresh consultation when it comes to the design of such a system.

Jeremy Hunt, the UK finance minister, said in a statement that while cash is not going anywhere, a digital pound that gets issued by the Bank of England can become a new way to transact that’s accessible, seamless to use, and trusted.

This is the reason they want to dig into what is possible first while also making sure that financial stability remains protected.

Andrew Bailey, the Bank of England governor said that the implication of the digital pound including the issues based on privacy will have to be considered.

He added that the consultation as well as the further work which the bank will do in regards to this is going to be the foundation from what can be termed as a profound decision for Britain with the way the money is used.

Rishi Sunak, the prime minister of Britain, had asked the Bank of England to look into this for a CBDC at a time when he happened to be the finance minister in 2021. It is well to be noted that other central banks like the US Federal Reserve as well as European Central Bank are planning to consider the launch of their own CBDCs, and as a matter of fact, eleven countries have already launched them.