Digital Debit Accelerates Bitcoin Adoption with Release of First Real-Time P2P Payments App

Digital Debit Group (DDG), a division of Qondado LLC, announces the release of the Digital Debit® mobile Bitcoin payments app. The company’s utilization of the Coinbase API system with the Digital Debit® QR platform delivers the first global off-blockchain P2P mobile payments ecosystem for the growing Bitcoin user base and provides the added benefit of tokenized QR transaction codes for real-time, account-to-account transactions.

DDG believes the opportunity to build Digital Debit® utilizing the standard Coinbase API will give their QR payment system a competitive boost in the growing real-time payments space and become an instant competitor to other mobile payment apps such as Zelle, Venmo, Square Cash, and Western Union. DDG designed the Digital Debit® app with simplified features the company believes will better connect with new users, such as a single panel of operation for sending and receiving payments and the ability to personalize the app with custom background images. The company also designed an innovative visual confirmation system for successful transactions that allow the sender and receiver of Bitcoin to deal fast in rapid transaction environments such as in public venues, mobile food locations, passive donations, restaurants and courtesy tipping.

The company states that by leveraging the Coinbase API, the app will allow users to instantly purchase Bitcoin, load their linked accounts and seamlessly associate their Bitcoin values with other Bitcoin enabled products such as the Shift Visa card. Digital Debit® uses real-time Bitcoin conversions to localized fiat currencies utilizing the 1s (second) accurate Bitcoinaverage world market index to offer the best continuity with global exchanges and wallets. Bitcoin values transferred through the Digital Debit® app using tokenized QR codes exchanges payment off blockchain in real-time between Coinbase accounts. The app also supports legacy on blockchain transactions, third party wallets and cash deposit Bitcoin ATM machines.

DDG roadmap with the Digital Debit® app model includes integration with other banking platforms such as the EMVCo QR, The Clearing House Real-Time Payments, and PayPal with Qondado’s Digital Credit® brand.

“We evaluated over 10 banking APIs to build our flagship Digital Debit® app and found the Coinbase API to offer an exciting opportunity to reach a global audience” says Edward Robles, CEO of the Digital Debit Group. Robles further states, “we are delivering an easy to adopt app that hides the complexities of Bitcoin behind fiat currency values that users understand. With the assurance that users can pay and get paid using local currency translation with one globally backed store of value, we see Digital Debit playing a significant role in the adoption of Bitcoin for day to day transactions.”

Digital Debit is not endorsed by Coinbase. No formal business relationship between Digital Debit and Coinbase is implied. Digital Debit is built upon the generally available Coinbase API. Digital Debit intends to use the standard merchant tools, product and API integration to provide its products and services.

About Digital Debit Group:
Digital Debit Group is a division of Qondado LLC. Digital Debit Group paves the way for mass adoption of mobile payments and transactions via the operation of the patented Digital Debit® platform. Digital Debit® is licensed by U.S. Patents 8,402,555, 8,533,860, and 8,887,308 with other patents pending. Digital Debit Group is an active EMVCo subscriber member.

About Qondado LLC:
Qondado LLC is a Puerto Rico corporation formed under the Act 20 provision, with additional product labs in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Qondado focuses on finding solutions to industry needs and developing consumer-friendly products and brands to accelerate opportunities for adoption.