Danske Bank partners with Axeptia Credit Intelligence

Danske Bank has partnered with Norway’s Axeptia Credit Intelligence to make the solution accessible to its business customers in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, following a pilot trial in Norway. The partnership aims to help companies keep track of their customers’ debts and payment abilities during uncertain economic times.

The recent surge in bankruptcy numbers has increased the demand for financial insights and predictability among businesses. Danske Bank’s partnership with Axeptia Credit Intelligence offers companies a comprehensive overview of their customers’ challenges by consolidating relevant information in one place.

Customers can access the tool through an app or via Danske Bank’s financial platform for business customers, District. The program integrates data from the customer’s ERP system, credit information provider, and debt collection provider, presenting it in a user-friendly manner.

Claus Harder, Global Head of Markets and Transaction Banking, at Danske Bank, said, “Companies wanting more data and insight into their customers is nothing new, which is why we are constantly working to find solutions and enter partnerships that will be beneficial to our customers.
Norway’s Axeptia Credit Intelligence is an example of just such a solution and will now be rolled out in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, where it can provide companies with an overview of their customers’ challenges and gather all relevant information in one place.”

Axeptia Credit Intelligence CEO Per Nestor Warp emphasized the importance of data-driven decisions and accurate information for companies. He said, “The system helps businesses focus on essential aspects and act intelligently to ensure faster payments from customers. The partnership between Danske Bank and Axeptia took over three years to develop, but it has paved the way for more customer-focused solutions through collaborations with external partners.”