Computop expands partnership with RBI for omnichannel payments

Computop, a global payment processor, has extended its partnership with Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI), to support omnichannel payments in Eastern Europe.

The expanded partnership is expected to provide the merchants, who are connected to the Computop Paygate payment platform, with the access to local acquiring connections in thirteen CEE countries and in Austria.

Danish window manufacturer VELUX is among the first customers to benefit from the new arrangement.

Computop CEO Stephan Kück said: “The partnership with Raiffeisen Bank International occupies a special position in our portfolio of over 60 acquirer connections.

“It enables us to facilitate local acquiring in a region which offers great potential. The position of trust of a major Austrian bank, many years of experience and good knowledge of local markets are three essential assets for our customers to become more involved in Eastern Europe.”
Computop and RBI will help businesses expand into Eastern European countries

Under the partnership, Computop and RBI would help merchants and service providers to expand their operations into Eastern European countries.

The businesses are supported with an advance payment platform and central credit card acceptance through RBI’s regional network.

The partnership will also support both conventional retailers and e-commerce merchants and any company that sells goods using an omnichannel strategy.

It is expected to allow merchants to exploit selling opportunities in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

RBI retail banking board member Andrii Stepanenko said: “For us the partnership with Computop is an ideal combination which strengthens our core competence in the Eastern European market with customers of the leading payment service provider in German e-commerce.

“Together we can promote the networking of channels towards genuine omnichannel business in this region too.”