Clearwater Analytics integrates with J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Clearwater AnalyticsClearwater Analytics, a SaaS-based solution provider, announced strategic partnership with J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

This partnership will integrate Clearwater with the MORGAN MONEY global trading platform, allowing permissioned users to navigate between both systems easily.

The joint solution will make it easier for financial professionals to have a global, connected view of their investment portfolios and empower them to make real-time investment decisions on the Clearwater and Morgan Money platforms.

Corporate treasurers frequently access multiple systems to invest in a combination of money market mutual funds and separately managed accounts. To transform this complex, siloed process into a simple, user-friendly experience, the integration of Clearwater and J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Morgan Money platform will help institutional investors easily log in to the joint solution and gain a consolidated view of balances, exposures, and counterparty risks.

“J.P. Morgan Asset Management is committed to delivering innovative solutions that simplify investment decisions for our clients,” said Paul Przybylski, Global Head of Product Strategy and Morgan Money at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. ” This collaboration combines J.P. Morgan’s asset management expertise with Clearwater’s powerful investment accounting technology, delivering an advanced solution that streamlines the investment process, enhances transparency, and ultimately enables our clients to make informed decisions with confidence.”

“Our collaboration with J.P. Morgan’s Morgan Money platform demonstrates our commitment to providing a powerful combination of cutting-edge technology and deep financial expertise, enabling investors to navigate the complexities of the current market environment confidently,” said Scott Erickson, Chief Revenue Officer at Clearwater Analytics.

“By leveraging our integrated platform, clients access robust analytics and actionable insights that streamline their investment decisions. As a result, investors can make informed choices, enhance portfolio performance, and ultimately drive long-term success in the face of today’s dynamic market conditions.”