Car IQ and Verra Mobility partner to offer customers a complete payment solution

Car IQ Inc., one of the leading providers of vehicle payment solutions, announced a partnership with Verra Mobility, one of the leading providers of toll management and smart mobility technology solutions, that will expand the company’s current offerings beyond fuel payments to provide fleet customers with a complete toll payment suite.

Car IQ’s partnership with Verra Mobility will allow fleets to seamlessly connect with tolling solutions via Verra Mobility’s extensive network and pay without using a credit or debit card. With Car IQ Pay fleets will now have a simplified and unified billing platform that facilitates payment of multiple services supporting a fleet company’s back-end accounting systems.

“Working with Verra Mobility allows us to provide fleets with a single solution for all payment types,” said Sterling Pratz, CEO at Car IQ. “Our collaboration with Verra Mobility enhances our payment suite to improve and streamline the tolling experience for our partners while offering bundled mobility payment services along with nationwide fuel and parking that is currently available through Car IQ Pay today.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with Car IQ to enable more commercial fleets direct access to toll roads, reducing toll violations, simplifying vehicle transactions and providing an innovative approach to better manage the total cost of fleet ownership,” said Steve Lalla, EVP of Commercial Services at Verra Mobility. “We are always focused on simplifying mobility challenges for fleets and are excited to explore future endeavors.”

Car IQ will now offer new payment services that provide toll violation protection for vehicles that do not normally use tollways by registering license plates nationally with toll agencies and managing the on-time, direct payment of a fleet’s tolls to avoid violations, penalties, or additional fees from a managing toll agency. Car IQ continues to innovate across all payment categories. This partnership will enable fleets to connect, without using a credit card, to toll management platforms created and managed by Verra Mobility.