CaixaBank forms international consortium for cybersecurity research

CaixaBank has formed a European research consortium to explore ways to improve cybersecurity by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. The project, AI4CYBER, is part of the Horizon Europe programme and is funded by the European Union.

For the next three years, CaixaBank has teamed up with Tecnalia, the University of Western Macedonia, Thales, Frontedart, Public Power Corporation, ITTI, Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora, Montimage, Search-Lab, the European Organisation for Security and PDMFC to study new ways of tackling cybersecurity challenges, focusing particularly on the opportunities and risks involved in applying artificial intelligence.

The AI4CYBER consortium’s key objective is to design new cybersecurity services to understand, detect, and analyse cyberattacks, as well as prepare critical systems to withstand them.

CaixaBank’s participation in the project will be to test the solutions in a real-life environment of a financial institution. This will allow the researchers to study the benefits of the new solutions and improve models for detecting anomalies in behavioural patterns.

CaixaBank says cybersecurity is a priority for the company, having rolled out a cybersecurity ecosystem with specialist teams and advanced technology infrastructure to protect digital transactions from security threats.

The bank continuously invests in new technology to meet customer demands, guarantee their growth, adapt to emerging business needs, and provide access to information around the clock.

CaixaBank has also adapted measures such as creating a specialised group for responding to IT security incidents, and a centre that coordinates the overall security of the whole Group. In addition, it is a member of the main cybersecurity research and collaboration international forums.