BriskPe streamlines cross-border payments for MSME exporters

BriskPe, the Mumbai-based cross-border payments platform, has announced a solution to reshape the landscape of cross-border payments, particularly for MSME exporters.

When MSMEs venture into the world of cross-border trade, they often face an array of formidable challenges. Transaction fees imposed by traditional financial institutions can erode profit margins, while the volatility of exchange rates introduces an unsettling level of uncertainty.

By eliminating the burden of excessive transaction fees and the unpredictability of exchange rates, BriskPe’s platform helps MSME exporters engage in international trade with newfound ease and efficiency.

“Our mission is clear—to revolutionise cross-border payments and bring the world closer for Indian businesses. With the launch of BriskPe, we’re empowering entrepreneurs, MSMEs, and the entire business landscape to flourish on the global stage like never before,” said Sanjay Tripathy, Co-Founder & CEO of BriskPe.

MSMEs can sign up and link their Indian bank accounts, then raise invoices. The platform takes it from there, automatically tracking and communicating the payment status. Payments are promptly credited to Indian bank accounts, accompanied by payment advice and compliance details. The company has collaborated with YES BANK to ensure that the transaction process is streamlined and efficient.

BriskPe’s approach offers exporters an opportunity to thrive in the global market. By removing the financial and administrative complexities associated with cross-border transactions, BriskPe is transforming the way businesses approach international trade, making it more accessible and lucrative for all.

“At BriskPe, our vision is to simplify international trade to the level of local commerce. We believe that every local business in India has the potential to flourish on the global stage. With our innovative solutions, we’re levelling the playing field and empowering local businesses to compete globally without the traditional barriers and complexities,” Tripathy shared.