bitFlyer makes cryptocurrency trading even easier with launch of bitFlyer app

The bitFlyer app was created with users in mind, making it even easier for those who prefer navigating from a smartphone to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, leading cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer has announced the launch of the bitFlyer app across Europe and the USA.

The app, available for free on both iOS and Android, will allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monacoin (MONA) and Lisk (LSK).

The bitFlyer app will make it even easier for users to buy and sell, whilst still adhering to the same robust KYC and verification standards as the bitFlyer website.

Since 2014, bitFlyer has been trusted by millions across the globe as the most secure platform to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and remains the only exchange licensed to operate across the US, Japan and Europe combined. This app launch is the latest development in a major growth strategy by the European and US businesses, to match what is already available to millions of bitFlyer Japan customers, where bitFlyer is recognised as a household name and one of the longest-standing cryptocurrency exchanges.

Yuzo Kano, bitFlyer founder and CEO of bitFlyer USA, said: “With the new bitFlyer apps, we are bringing the reliability, security and experience of Japan’s market leader to our European and American customers, closing the gap between our service offerings and creating a truly global and regulated exchange product.”

Andy Bryant, Co-head and COO at bitFlyer Europe, said: “With our Buy/Sell platform, we strived to create a simpler, faster and even more transparent experience where everyone can buy cryptocurrencies in just a few minutes and from a reputable source. Now with the bitFlyer app, this is even more convenient for users.

We are staying true to our mission of making the world simpler with blockchain, by making the transparency, security and simplicity of our robust trading platforms available via a quick, single app download.”

Buy instantly and securely

The bitFlyer app was created with users in mind, making it even easier for those who prefer navigating from a smartphone to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Current bitFlyer users can log on to the app with their existing account details, while new traders can register by using an email address, and inputting the relevant information for KYC procedures to deposit and begin trading.

Other features of the bitFlyer app include

Users are shown real-time price data, notified about the latest market movements and given access to the latest cryptocurrency news without leaving the app, encouraging users to always stay on top of the market and make informed decisions

Users can clearly follow their position, making it even easier to keep track of profit and loss (PnL), view trade history and seamlessly visualise their portfolio

Users can now simply scan a QR code to send and receive virtual currencies with bitFlyer

From October 21st to October 27th, new customers downloading the bitFlyer app and registering a new verified account will receive €10 (or $10 if based in the US) in BTC without any deposit required.

Key features:

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more in just a few taps using USD, EUR, or JPY 2

See real-time price data and get notified about market movements

Added news functionality allows users to access the latest industry news without leaving the app

bitFlyer launched in the USA in November 2017, followed by bitFlyer Europe in January 2018, both as fully owned subsidiaries of bitFlyer, Inc., a household name in the cryptocurrency space in Japan and one of the longest-standing cryptocurrency exchanges. It is the only cryptocurrency exchange to be licenced in Japan, the US and Europe combined, and has also recently been recognised as one of only 10 exchanges that isn’t faking trading volumes.

bitFlyer is passionate about the future of the cryptocurrency industry and aims to support that future by setting the global standard for exchanges. It believes that standards and regulations are fundamental to the future of the industry and is often involved in conversations at the highest level, including having taken part in the recent G20 discussions. It was also involved in the amendment to the Payments Act in Japan which famously recognised bitcoin as legal tender.

The company continues to build out its product portfolio in line with its vision to break down barriers of entry that many face while accessing cryptocurrency. bitFlyer Japan already offers a wide range of products, and the addition of new Apps in the US and EU is the beginning of the brand’s ambition to expand access to cryptocurrency on a global scale.