ApexDAO, an ethereum-based dApp for decentralized asset management

ApexDao, a decentralized asset management protocol based on the ethereum blockchain, has gone operational. The protocol enables DeFi investors to take complete control of their digital assets and at the same time exposing them to the best investment options available in the DeFi ecosystem.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has grown over the last two years into a range of platforms on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows lenders, borrowers, and investors to manage bank-related transactions without the need for banks acting as a mediator.

DeFi operates on accounts that can be accessed by anyone around the globe with just an internet connection. Investors can create, store, access, and transfer any financial product without the need for banks, politics, or brokers. The only thing that investors need is an open-source digital wallet.

Today, around $2 million is secured in the DeFi market. With 205 DeFi projects listed, 193 are operated on Ethereum. Lending dApps have the biggest market share. Moreover, a few platforms permit users to hold leveraged positions, leveraging tokenized trading and margin lending.

The advent of smart contracts has made lending faster and simpler, making the interaction between borrowers and lenders seamless.

Traditional asset management focuses on the investment and custody of wealth. Direct profit-sharing compels an asset manager to pursue returns. Further, they can hit for a distribution of returns that usually operates smoothly, but has an adverse downside. Moreover, the direct measurement of returns can be clouded, particularly with illiquid assets.

With decentralized asset management, the transaction ledger is public and can be connected to pre-agreed upon market price index. This is all it requires to implement a contract between two parties.

How Does ApexDAO Solve the Problem?

ApexDAO provides decentralized asset management on Ethereum helping investors get the best investment options. ApexDAO allows investors to invest in different strategies running on a transparent track record.

Centralized organizations such as banks, Hedge Fund, etc. make profits from their financial products like funds, derivatives, etc, while selling these products, banks and other financial institutions charge investors’ fees, thereby, taking advantage of the investors. ApexDAO solves the problem of over-feel and manipulation laid down by centralized financial institutions.

Rewards in the form of tokens give instant utility on a decentralized platform, which can be leveraged to practice governance rights. By using the token “APEX”, users will be able to participate in 3 unique layers of ApexDAO.

– First Layer: DeFi (Yield Farming Pool)

– Second Layer: Crypto Fund and Corporate Loan

– Third Layer: SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company)

We also focus on SPAC service to make it more profitable for the investors. SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) is an entity created by private individuals to facilitate investment by means of an IPO (initial public offering).

The SPAC funds are locked into a trust until the predetermined period of time elapses or the purchase is made. SPACs are being used in various industries. The SPAC approach helps companies to go public if they cannot do it by traditional means.

ApexDAO offers SPAC in the crypto field. This ensures investors to gather funds for buying a blockchain project and selling it at a higher price to make more income. Further, investors are given transparent and impartial information about where their funds are invested.

With more and more funds invested in the DeFi sector, it brings more diversity to the ecosystem. Crypto-finance applications and asset management tools are dominating the space, ApexDAO aims at providing endless opportunities and supporting the dApps ecosystem.

DeFi has triggered brilliant and novel ideas, and ApexDAO is one of them. It aims at being the sophisticated investment carriers and strategies of tomorrow. The financial services industry worldwide is offering business opportunities and DeFi is promoting such opportunities.

The year 2020 is known as the year of the “DeFi Renaissance.” The token value of DeFi has increased 200% since the start of this year amidst the economic and global health crisis. New cutting-edge applications – ApexDAO is going to transform DeFi with lesser cost and promise to reach the mass market.